The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 138 Spoiler Out Now

Hey, guys, listen up. Today, we will talk about the new spoiler and review of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor chapter 138 that was just released! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we are also providing the recap of chapter 137.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 138

The Legendary Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 137 Recap

Weed finally met the Red Inflammatory and Marker, and they ask Weed to help them making a sculpture. Initially, he declines their request, but after Red Inflammatory offers to pay him with red jewel, he said yes. While making a sculpture, Red Inflammatory and Marker discuss an individual named Weed and the gossip about him in the game. Weed was shocked, but pretend not to know anything. It seems that Red Inflammatory and Marker never suspect that Weed is the sculptor in front of them. When Weed almost reveals himself in front both of them, Marker suddenly said that he would kill Weed if he saw him around. Red Inflammatory support him and wishes to kill him herself.

After Weed completed the sculpture, he can’t wait to run away from both of them. He left with a horse to the plains of despair. On the way, he picks up all the miscellaneous items and surprised several man drinking not far from there. He left the horse after it can no longer take him to his destination. He changes his appearance using Sculptural Transformation and becoming an orc. While walking, he met a female hunter standing on the hill and slayed an enormous beast without any problem. The female hunter looks so familiar to him.  

The Legendary Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 138 Review and Spoiler

In the form of orc, Weed faces the red-haired female hunter and surprised himself. He thought he would never see Seoyoon again, and wonder why she is here right now. Her beauty can never be compared to the sculpture he made. The woman wonders whether the orc is an enemy. Weed tries to talk, but it came out like gibberish. It seems that he can’t talk properly. Weed wonders if she thought of him a the real monster and not a user. Weed plans to run away, but the woman left him first. They both take different paths. 

However, they both meet again and again. Seems like their destination is the same. The female hunter kills a lot of monsters easily with her sword. Weed notices that she never sees nor attacks the face of the monsters. Maybe she doesn’t like to see their pain. Wood also noticed that she doesn’t have the murderer’s mark on her. Weed cooks some yeti meat skewer on sticks. The hunter seems to be interested in them and Weed finally gives her some of the his food. 

Where to Read The Legendary Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 138 ?

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptorwasreleased on a weekly basis. Chapter 138 was released on June 5th, so chapter 139 might be out next week. If you guys want to read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa and don’t want to miss the updates, you can always check on our website.

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