The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 140 Spoiler Out Now

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 140 Spoiler Out Now

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa has published the newest chapter 140! Today, we will review the chapter, and also give you a recap of chapter 139 just to freshen your memory about the plot.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 140

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 139 Recap

On the next fight in their journey, Seoyoon seems to be not showing mercy towards the enemy. All of a sudden, Seoyoon takes off her robe and armor. Weed is wondering what she is doing. She gives it to him, and then Weed hammers the armor really fast. The armor becomes really shiny, but Seoyoon takes off another piece of clothing, which catches Weed off-guard. Apparently, Soeyoon wants most of her equipment to be repaired. Then, they continue their journey together. Seoyoon suddenly logs out from the game.

In the meantime, Weed tries to carve a sculpture of Seoyoon. Weed notices the sculpture lacks something and creates other sculptures. But the following sculptures always fail like before. Weed then realizes that he shouldn’t have shown her cold appearance. Instead, he should show her feelings. In the real world, Seoyoon wakes up in a hospital bed, being monitored by a doctor. It seems Seoyoon is in the process of therapy. The doctor then observes what has happened to Seoyoon in the game before. Then, the doctor notices something from the orc’s strange behaviour. It seems like the doctor recognizes Weed. 

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 140 Review

Seoyoon logs back into the game. But when she goes to the place where Weed was, she can’t find him there, and assumes he has left. Feeling disappointed, Seoyoon walks to a certain place and finds a massive sculpture of her there. The sculpture is really beautiful, and Seoyoon looks smiling with happy tears as the sculpture. However, Seoyoon recalls her past. She feels that she never cried, and just buried her pain inside. But right now, she is suddenly crying when she looks at the sculpture. On the news, the Undying Legion War Quest is being talked about.

The experts are pessimist about the such a difficult quest. Weed is looking for away to be able to aid him to control the orcs and dark elves. He created a wyvern ruler of the skies sculpture and it comes to life. Weed looks happy because the sculpture calls him master. Weed names him Wild, and the both of them make their way to the Yuroki mountains. Weed then asks for the latest of news of the legion of immortals. The sky is getting redder and redder. When it is completely red, the legion of immortals will advance. 

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