The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 142

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 142 Release Date, Updates and More

Here’s some news for you guys on The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa: let’s discuss the upcoming chapter 142. We provide recap of chapter 141, so you guys can quickly remember the plot when they finally release the newest chapter!

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 142

Recap of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 141

Mapan finally arrived at Yuroki mountains. He was supposed to tell Weed when he arrived but a bunch of orcs found him first and capture him. He was brought to the orc’s leader. Mapan thought he was going to die but the orc’s leader was actually Weed. Apparently, Weed was changing his appearance again. Weed took Mapan around their basecamp and saw several blacksmiths working. They coat all the weapons with melted silver. Before he had the chance to ask, Weed told Mapan that silver-coated weapons were more damaging to the undead. All the preparation to face the undead was almost done. As his last preparation, Weed showed his hidden card to Mapan. He had sculpted more Wyverns for the war, although he would drop 2 levels for each Wyvern he created. Several days after, the Royal Road Undead Legion Quest finally began.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Synopsis 

Lee Hyun is known as the legendary God of War in MMORPG, Continent of Magic. Being a slave of money to free his family from debt, he sells his character to an auction with the amount of 3.1 billion Korean Won. Unfortunately, there are some things happen regarding the loan sharks which caused Hyun to lose a huge amount of money. Lee Hyun then decides to step into the new era of virtual reality MMORPG gaming called Royal Path – the first ever computer MMORPG game. The story then reveals about Lee Hyun’s struggle and hard work of the lowest to become the highest. Lee Hyun’s journey and goal is to become an emperor with his desire for wealth, and he’s doing it in order to help his grandmother as well as to save up some money for his sister’s college tuition.

Release date of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 142

Do you guys want to read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Manhwa Chapter 142? The last chapter was published on June 15th. This manhwa was released weekly. So, most likely we will get another new chapter soon! So, stay tuned on our website if you don’t wanna miss it out! 

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