The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43 Release Date, Updates and More

Right now we will be talking all about The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43. However, before going straight to it, let’s have a recap for the previous chapter first.

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43
The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 42 Recap

Yun Seora sits and eating alone inside the toilet. She heard knocks at the door and a girl calls out to her, mistaken her with someone elese. The voice reminds her of Yi Seol-Ah, the one who killed by a Gaekgwi earlier during the first mission in the trial of the Lost Paradise. She then reminded of their old memory, how Yi Seol-Ah would buy her meals and take care of her because she has saved Seol-Ah’s life and Seol-Ah simply wants to pay her back. 

Meanwhile, it seems like Seol Jihu is still given the task of doing basic training instead of real missions and everyone envied him. Seol Jihu start to doubt himself, but he trust Agnes and believes that maybe this will benefit him later on. Not long after, Agnes approached him and tells him that he will start doing missions from now on. 

Seol Jihu’s first mission is to fight against two creatures inside the forest. He attacks those two creatures and easily wins the battle without too much effort. Someone start to tell him to get a party soon since it will be impossible to clear difficult mission all by himself. However, he states that there are things that he needs to do by himself. All of a sudden, he encounters a strange creature that looks like a soldier with ally of skeletons around him.  

The Second Coming of Gluttony Synopsis

He was a loser, an addict, and a despicable human being. However, one fleeting dream had re-awakened all of his senses – something that he has lost before. Using a unique ability, he determined to dream and forge his path in the world of Lost Paradise. The story revolves around Seul, an ordinary addict boy who loves to play poker for his life. However, there is so much more about him to reveal. 

Seol Jihu has a special ability in his nine eyes, where he can identify something from afar and let him into his gambling addiction. One day, he lost his ability for over-abusing it. Then, he had a lucid dream about his past life, and all of a sudden his ability reawakened, and it becomes even more powerful and useful for his journey to redemption. 

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43 Prediction and Spoiler

According to the previous chapter, Seol Jihu encounters a strange soldier that looks similar with his lucid dreams which could be his next mission. However, since it is very similar with his lucid dream, it could also indicate something else. We will know about it in the next chapter, so make sure to check our websites for further updates regarding the story.

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43 Release Date

This manhwa releases new chapter every 2 or 3 days and several times a week. Therefore, The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43 will most likely be released in a few days. You can read The Second Coming of Gluttony on official website like Viz or Shonen Jump

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