The Second Coming of Gluttony Manhwa

The Second Coming of Gluttony Manhwa Chapter 44 Release Date, Updates and More

Right now we will talk about manhwa The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 44. However, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first.

The Second Coming of Gluttony Manhwa

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43 Recap

Chapter 43 started with Seol Jihu who encountered a strange creature that looks like a soldier with ally of skeletons around him for his next mission. He started to fight them since there’s no escape route at all, and they manage to defeat the strongest skeletons without too much power. Jihu thought to himself how he has been waiting too long for a hard mission like this. He then rewarded 1000 survival points. 

Jihu then purchased three potions to increase magic power in the VIP store. He drank the first one – a potion for his nine eyes and his ability called ‘escape immediately’ has been unlocked. Kim Hanna approached his room and told him to find companies in the neutral zone. She also asked Jihu to help Yoon Seora to develop normally in the neutral zone. In return, he will be given the paid of the debt by the name of the golden commandment.

Kim Hanna then left Jihu’s room, and he drank the next potion which unlocked the golden commandment ability of his nine eyes. Jihu didn’t really know how to use his new ability, but he walked outside and saw a golden light in the break room, leading him into a sick Yeon Seora. He took her to the priest, but the only way to heal Seora’s rotten arm would be either amputation or using cure colossal wounds. At the end of the chapter, Jihu approached Delphine and stated that he would like to join her team. 

The Second Coming of Gluttony Synopsis

He was a loser, an addict, and a despicable human being. However, one fleeting dream had re-awakened all of his senses – something that he has lost before. Using a unique ability, he determined to dream and forge his path in the world of Lost Paradise. The story revolves around Seul, an ordinary addict boy who loves to play poker for his life. However, there is so much more about him to reveal. 

Seol Jihu has a special ability in his nine eyes, where he can identify something from afar and let him into his gambling addiction. One day, he lost his ability for over-abusing it. Then, he had a lucid dream about his past life, and all of a sudden his ability reawakened, and it becomes even more powerful and useful for his journey to redemption. 

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 44 Prediction

Based on the previous chapter, we can assume that the next chapter will tell about Jihu and Delphine further conversation after he asked to join her team. Besides, the information about cure colossal wound and Yoon Seora’s rotten arm is still unclear. We will know about it all in the next chapter, so make sure to check our website for further upcoming updates.

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 44 Release Date

This manhwa releases new chapter every 2 or 3 days and several times a week. The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 44 will most likely be released earlier next week. You can also check this out for the previous chapter – The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapter 43.

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