Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King Chapter 47 Release Date, Update and More

Today let’s talk about Tomb Raider King Chapter 47. However, let’s have a recap for the previous chapter first.

Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King Chapter 46 Recap

Seo Ju Heon and the others start to spread around to look for xufu’s relic. Some of the kids then start to lose their mind and attack Seo Ju Heon and his team. However, Ju Heon said that it might be a good thing since the xufu’s relic might react and come out. The relic then starts to angry, fuming out its aura everywhere and yelled for Ju Heon. Ju Heon then tied all of the kids that tried to attack him. Then, Ju Heon finds the relic in a form of worm who just passed through his foot. 

Ju Heon then starts to negotiate with the relic, stating that he would like to buy it since it is the best way to handle xufu. After a rough negotiation, the relic’s finally agreed to work for Ju Heon and help him to lead all the children to go outside. However, it looks like there’s another problem because the shennong relic starts to get angry. Ju Heon then throws the bag full of relics, and the shennong relic starts to build a wall of aura and tries to trap Ju Heon inside.

Tomb Raider King Synopsis

The God’s Tombs has appeared all around the world. There are relics appeared within these tombs, making a lot of people able to wield the legendary power for their own sake, while some others became enslaved to these users. One day, an unknown Tomb Raider who revived after his death appeared and started to loot everything, with the purpose of robbing all of the relics in this world. Also known as the Tomb Raider King, he will do anything to claim all the tombs and relics for himself. 

The story starts when the world divided into two classes. The first one are the nobles who had artifacts and able to monopolize everything, and the other are slaves who lives in poverty. Seo Ju Heon is one of those slaves who work as a Tomb Raider to collect relics. He came across the archaist’s relic which enables him to gain knowledge about tombs and relics in the world. Unfortunately, he was trapped into a deadly mission with his own boss who felt threatened by him. His journey to be the Tomb Taider King then continues as he mysteriously goes back into his old self 15 years earlier.  

Tomb Raider King Chapter 47 Prediction and Spoiler

Based on the previous chapter, we can assume that Ju Heon will have to do something about the shennong relic. Besides, shennong relics tried to trap him inside the cave. Will Ju Heon be able to get out safely and collect the shennong relic? We will know about it in the next chapter for sure.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 47 Release Date

Unfortunately, there’s no exact release date of Tomb Raider King Chapter 47. The latest Tomb Raider King Chapter 46 was released around 2 weeks ago, and hopefully it will be updated soon. Make sure to check our websites for further updates regarding this manhwa.

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