Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 56

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 56 Spoiler Out Now

Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 56 is out now! We are going to give you the review of the chapter. To refresh your memory on the previous chapter, we also provide the recap of chapter 55 to help you connect to the new chapter with ease. 

Recap Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 55

Julian Miller finishes talking about the charity works. The press immediately rushes to ask questions about the excavation crews. President Kwon then talks with Miller. He assures him that he doesn’t have to worry about money in the future when doing charity works. 

After that, Seo Joo Heon contacts Yoo Jae-Ha and Edward. They both then look for him. In the front of all press, Seo Joo Heon states that Jean Richard’s paintings are products of plagiarism. Yoo Jae-Ha asked him to draw in public and the two argue.

In the middle of the commotion, Seo Ju Heon tries to divide Miller from President Kwon. When President Kwon tries to have a backup from Edward, Edward simply says he doesn’t care and looks away. When President Kwon wants to challenge Seo Joo Heon, Austin Rockefeller says he will do it for him. 

Austin uses a powerful relic and controls the people there. Shockingly, Yoo Jae-Ha has also become the victim of the mind control. Seo Ju Heon fortunately is able to wake him up and he plans to use the same tactic to defeat Austin.

Review Tomb Raider King Manhwa Chapter 56

Seo Joo Heon is planning to also use mental attack to fight Austin. Seo Joo Heon unsheathes a sword. Edward is worried that Seo Joo Heon is using a real weapon. Seo Joo Heon charges forward, slashing Austin’s neck. Austin feels the pain but his neck is still intact. Apparently, Seo Joo Heon also did it to every one else who have been mind-controlled earlier. Seo Joo Heon then weakens Austin’s domination in order to steal his Abesta relic. 

When Austin is choking because of the rope relic, Vera intervenes and sets him free. Vera then is ordered to catch Seo Joo Heon. But Seo Joo Heon manages to escape in the middle of a smokescreen. He also takes Miller with him. Seo Joo Heon offers him to help find his sister. But Miller refuses, saying he has already found her and that she’s dead.

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