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Top 10 Plot Twists in Tomb Raider King

Today, I’d like to discuss about Tomb Raider King manhwa. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read Tomb Raider King summary on any reliable websites. This manhwa follow the journey of Seo Joo Heon, the relic collector. I had to admit to you, guys, that at a glance, I never thought highly of this manhwa. Now, it was all different. Joo Heon’s effort to collect all the relics, and the relic’s thought were amusing. It didn’t take long for me to become one of its loyal reader and I can’t wait to wait for the next chapter. However, for today, I’d tell you about ten plot twists in Tomb Raider King. Let’s get started! 

Tomb Raider King

Crow Relic

Seo Joo Heon was dying inside a tomb. All of his teammates were dead. He lost both legs and was dying. However, his stubbornness has made a crow relic to get interested in him. He didn’t want to let him die and sent him back about 15 years in the past so he could pay his revenge and become a king. 


All of those relics were like the second protagonist in this manhwa. They had different power and sometimes hide in the tomb. Powerful relic was rare but it was highly valuable to find one. Later in this manhwa, they have this weird preference toward Joo Heon’s writing titled Secret Housewife.  

Sworn Enemy

Kwon Tae Joon was the CEO of TKBM, a firm dealing with excavation and relics. After he knew that he was trapped to die inside a tomb by Kwon Tae Joon, Joo Heon swear to get his revenge. After he was sent back by the Crow, he took his time to plan his revenge. Sometimes, small attacks that was done continuously provide better results than a single massive attack. 

The General

Before facing Kwon Tae Joon, General Keira Clark was Seo Joo Heon’s number one enemy. She did everything she could to kill Joo Heon and stole his relics. However, after a long while, he was able to beat her and end her life using her own relic. 

The company

After he succeed in saving the Holtons, Seo Joo Heon decided to established his own company. The company will be dealing with medicine and tea, but Joo Heon didn’t have any money to start. The Holtons helped him to build his own company and lead by Edward, Joo Heon’s informant. 

Irene Holton

Due to one of their excavations, Irene got herself the Golden Hands. She was the relic user for bankruptcy and always bring bad luck for the people if she used it. After she got the Midas relic, she was able to control her bankruptcy relic, but was never able to activate the Midas touch. She did activate it eventually, with the help of Seo Joo Heon.    

George Holton

In one of the chapters, Joo Heon along with Irene trapped a lot of people from Pandora. He made them spill all the corrupt and vile behavior of Pandora’s top management. Jean Richards was one of them. After the incident, Joo Heon told George Holton to infiltrate Pandora. He should bring some of his trusted men and filled the nearly 200 empty seats in Pandora. As the largest relic-related firm, Joo Heon felt he should have some trusted men within the organization.   

Changing Sides

Lee Seol-Ah used to work with the Chinese excavation team. However, when Joo Heon was at the envy tomb in order to save Jae Ha, he used Munin’s tear to recover Seol-Ah’s memory. After getting her memory back, Seol-Ah knew all about Joo Heon and started calling him chief, like she used to.   

The Honest Jae Ha

Jae Ha was also part of Joo Heon’s team in the past, but Joo Heon didn’t like his characters back then. Therefore, he didn’t intend to recover his memory. Seol-Ah support his decision too. The old Jae Ha was cunning but the current Jae Ha was stupidly honest. Joo Heon started to treasure him more. Particularly since he was the only restoration staff he trusted.   

Tomb Raider King

Pandora had decided the ranking of relic users and Joo Heon was on the third with nickname Tomb Raider King. He didn’t like the nickname and made a fuss about it. However, it was futile. He was known as the Tomb Raider King from now on. Seol-Ah and Jae Ha also had their own nickname.   

Tell me, what do you guys think about it? You are free to agree or disagree with me. These were just part of all the plot twists within this manhwa. If you start getting curious about this manhwa, you can read Tomb Raider King manhwa online on various manhwa-hosting websites. Let’s hunt some relics together! 

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