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Top 10 Plot Twists in Who Made Me A Princess

Hey, guys, long time no see. In today’s article, I’d like to discuss about Who Made Me A Princess manhwa. If you’re reading this manhwa from the very beginning, I’m sure you will find yourself addicted to it. There were several incidents in the manhwa that made me curious and can’t wait to read for the next chapter. This article contains spoilers, so please read this article with your own risks. 

Top 10 Plot Twists in Who Made Me A Princess

10. The Book of L0vely Princess

I guess this book was the root of it all. In her previous life, Athanasia was reading the book left by a customer in her work place. She just realized that her life as a five-years old Athanasia was following the exact same plot from the book. 

9. Raven

When Athanasia was wandering around in the garden, she found a cute little puppy. She called it Raven since it has pure black fur. When Athanasia was sick, Lucas told her that she shouldn’t spend too much time with Raven. Apparently, Raven was the embodiment of Athanasia’s magic. 

8. Claude’s sacrifice

Claude was known as a cold person from the very first beginning. However, after spending time for years with Athanasia, he was changing. When Athanasia got sick for the second time due to her own magical power, Claude was sacrificing himself. Which led into another incident. 

7. Amnesia

When Lucas was away, Athanasia was getting sick again. Without Lucas, Athanasia’s life was in danger. Claude was sacrificing himself for her daughter and end up unconscious for days. When he finally woke up, he can’t remember Athanasia. Oddly, he still remembers Felix and the others, but not Athanasia. In just one night, Athanasia’s hard work was crumbling into pieces.  

6. Love story

After her debut, Ezekiel confessed his feeling towards Athanasia. Somehow, Lucas knew about it and he got jealous (though he denied it in front of Athanasia). These men’s feelings have made Athanasia started to think more about her feeling and not just her life. 

5. The dying Claude

This one was quite shocking. Athanasia’s and Claude’s life changed drastically after Claude’s amnesia. However, when Lucas was back, he told Athanasia the shocking news. Claude’s lifespan was almost gone. Shortly, Claude was dying. 

4. The mysterious guy

In later chapters, the plot was getting further away from the original book’s plot. There was a suspicious man living in Alpheus’s house. He was never called by his own name until recently. In one chapter, Roger Alpheus called him Anastacius. I really hope that he was not that man. The man that was supposed to be dead long time ago. 

3. An old soul

Athanasia’s soul was not in line with her age. It was a common knowledge for someone crossing into another world. Although no one knew about it, Lucas can easily tell. When he told her that she had an ‘old soul’, Athanasia got surprised and scared at the same time. Lucas was truly a powerful wizard lord.  

2. Jeanette’s birth secret

Jeanette’s origin was a mystery. No one knew about her real background except Athanasia and Jeanette’s parents. Unfortunately, Athanasia can’t prove it to anyone. When the time comes, it will shock everyone. 

1. The incident of the rose garden

This might be the biggest plot twist on this series. Suffering from amnesia, Claude can’t remember Athanasia. But, he was having this strong urge to kill her. And he did. He intends to kill Athanasia in the rose garden. It was so surprising and saddening at the same time. The flow of emotion from the pictures was superb. I have to admit that I cried a lot while reading this.

So, what do you guys think? This manhwa was amazing. The art, the plot and the pace were superior than other manhwas. It didn’t dragged on like any other romance manhwas. It was a very good combination of everything and thus generate a lot of emotion while reading. If you’re curious about Who Made Me A Princess, you can read Who Made Me A Princess online on any reliable websites. If you’re a romance fanatic, I believe you will enjoy this one. Why don’t you try reading one chapter and see where it goes from there… 

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