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Top 10 S-Rank Hunter in Solo Leveling Season 1

There are various S-Rank Hunters that appear in Solo Leveling Manga Season 1. They possess various skills and abilities, each of them are powerful, making the series irresistible. Below is the list of top 10 S-Rank hunters in Solo Levelling Season 1 that you should know.

1. Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin Woo
Sung Jin Woo

Originally known as the weakest hunter in the whole world, Jin-Woo has a quite big brain, which helps him to stay calm during emergency situations. His intelligent trait has led him to find out the clues during the fight in Double Dungeon and Cartenon Temple, resulting in his reawakening phase to achieve great powers such as Shadow Extraction and Portal Creation. He set his own moral codes, willing to do anything to protect someone that he cares about, and doesn’t easily get triggered to overdo his powers. Jin-Woo is truly a complete package of S-Rank Hunter that surely will achieve greater things later on.

2. Go Gun-Hee

Goo Gun - Hee
Goo Gun – Hee

Aside from the fact that Gun-Hee was a reawakened hunter, he actually was one of the reincarnated Rulers – powerful beings created by God to protect the Universe from the Monarchs. Unfortunately, his old age makes him unable to fully use his powers, and his human body is unable to cope with the Ruler’s power inside him. Gun-Hee is an honest person who appreciates people with good morals, and is definitely a wise, non-manipulative figure that you’d expect to find in any kind of story. He may have been deceased, but he undoubtedly remains as one of the most powerful S-Rank hunters in which all the guild masters are afraid of.

3. Sung II-Hwan

Sung II-Hwan
Sung II – Hwan

II-Hwan is Jin-Woo’s father who disappeared all of a sudden inside an unknown gate. His skills may not be overlooked much in the story, but the fact that he was able to single-handedly defeat Hwang Dong-Su without any minor injuries explains that he is truly a strong one. His skill is somewhere between S-Rank and National Level Hunters. Il-Hwan’s biggest and most powerful trait is his sense and stealth ability, which enables him to detect murderous intent from a single gaze and sneakily follow his son without a trace. 

4. Hwang Dong-Su

Hwang Dong - Su
Hwang Dong – Su

Dong-Su is known as a traitor who leaves Korea and works for Scavenger Guild in the USA. Arrogant and selfish, he loves to torture other people and giving Jin-Woo a hard time for killing his brother, Hwang Dong-Suk. Dong-Su’s prideful attitude makes him often look down on others, which eventually becomes a boomerang for himself after being defeated by Sung Il-Hwan. He never learns from his mistake, resulting in him getting killed by the time he was going to get revenge for the second time.

5. Baek Yoon-Ho

Baek Yoon-Ho
Baek Yoon – Ho

Yoon-Ho is another strongest S-Rank hunter with a unique ability of transformation. He manages to change into a powerful white tiger which is very useful during battle. Eyes of the beast are his other unique traits, in which he is able to evaluate a creature’s strength, including human, beast or gate. Yoon-Ho is a close friend of Min Byung-Gyu, a retired hunter, and eventually developed a friendly atmosphere with Jin-Woo.

6. Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae - In
Cha Hae-In

Hae-In is currently the only female S-Rank hunter that possesses a unique ability of mana smell, in which she finds high-ranked hunters to smell bad –while Jin-Woo is an exception since he smells neutral, just like a normal human. Hae-In is highly skilled in swordsmanship and able to utilize swords using numeral technique. She also possesses a stealthy and provoking quake ability in which she uses during Jeju Island Raid.

7. Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In
Choi Jong-In

Known as the Guild Master of the Hunters Guild and the Ultimate Soldier, Jong-In possesses incredible skills in fire magic – a top tier one. Jong-In manages to destroy a huge building with a spell, and is able to distinguish other hunter’s abilities with a single look only. He is confident and sly, able to remain calm during battles and also a reliable teammate for Baek Yoon-Ho.

8. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre, or so be called as Tank on Earth, is a very powerful American hunter and known as the one of 5 National Level Hunter in existence. Reinforcement is his strongest ability, whereas he is able to increase his power as well as lowering his speed movement. Thomas is known for his Demolition ability to attack and demolish any creatures within a particular distance, making him one of the strongest S-Rank hunters out there.

9. Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji
Goto Ryuji

Being Japan’s strongest S-Rank hunter, Goto Ryuji’s abilities are a strong and unique one, in which he is able to use his hands as a sharp blade during battle. He also shows a powerful katana skill that he used during Jeju Island Raid to fight the Ant King. Even though his skills are not fully shown during the series, he is arguably a powerful hunter with a Nation-Level Hunter, almost similar to Jin-Woo and Liu Zhigang.

10. Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang
Liu Zhigang

Originally from China, Liu Zhigang has an exceptional power with 7 stars ranked hunter in his country, while the normal rank is 5 stars as the highest one. Liu Zhigang is confident, a little bit arrogant yet respected those who respect him. He was hired by the USA’s Government to aid with the S-Rank gate that appears in America.

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