Top 5 Alternate Manhwa While Waiting Solo Leveling Season 2

Everybody is waiting Solo Leveling season 2. While we are waiting, you can read similar Manhwa. We list recommended Manhwa similar to Solo Leveling

1. I Am The Sorcerer King

I Am The Sorcerer King

I Am The Sorcerer King is very similar with Solo Leveling. Its about Lee Sung Hoon want to make money for hospital bill. Its his mother that sick and already not wake up for 2 years. Sung Hoon transform into Awakened from Transporter in just few months. The interesting plot on this series is Sung Hoon past life is Sorcerer King. With his past life knowledge he grow very fast and pretty untouchable from his enemies.

2. Ranker Who Lives Second Time

Ranker Who Lives Second Time

Ranker Who Lives Second Time main character is Jeon Woo. He have younger twin brother named Jeong Woo. His brother has gone for few years misteryously. One day Jeon Woo found his brother memento , and suddenly something strange happens and he know all what happens on his brother in the past 5 years. And Jeon Woo decide to do the same thing as his brother did and of course , avenge his brother death.

3. The Gamer

The Gamer

The Gamer exists in Korea. Many people in this world have supernatural skills, and this has been going on since the beginning of time. All these superpowered people belong to the global organization known as the Abyss. The story focus on Jihan, a Korean high school student who loves online role playing video games. One day, he wakes up with powers like the character of a video game. He can learn magic spells, can see others levels, and many more things.

4. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Solo Leveling and LMS have some similarities and variations. The main character is very weak in the beginning but growing fast in his journey. And the storyline is same, the main character grind and make money to fulfill his poor family. Both of the manhwa have leveling system. But the difference is, Solo leveling have dark theme and LMS is based on a VR game.

5. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King is one of the best Manhwa like Solo Leveling. And for your information, both Solo Leveling and TRK artist is the same. Both have popular game system like level up, skills , and inventory. Both protagonist die and come back to raid the dungeons. Whats the difference ? We challenge you to find it .


Thats all the list , if you find other Manhwa that similar to Solo Leveling , please let us know. We will put it on the list. Whats your favorite ? Personally i like I Am Sorcerer King , altough the character is a little bit overpowered.

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