Who Made Me A Princess

Top 4 Boyfriends for Princess Athanasia

Hey, there you guys, let’s discuss something interesting today. It’s one of the romance manhwa I’ve been dying to tell you all. It is called Who Made Me A Princess or Suddenly Became A Princess One Day. It’s a manhwa written by Plutus and illustrated by Spoon. As another royalty-theme manhwa, I believe most girls will be dreaming if they could actually meet these characters. After reading this manhwa, they would start to consider those boyfriend materials for Princess Athanasia. Who are they? Let’s discuss a bit in detail. 


Who Made Me A Princess

Ezekial Alpheus is the oldest son of the Alpheus family. He is disliked by Claude de Alger Obelia and refers Athanasia Obelia as ‘Lady Angel’ due to his image of her during their first and second encounters. Ezekiel is a young male possessing the quality of the House of Alpheus. He appears soft-spoken and gentle, with golden eyes and platinum white hair. He is quite tall and handsome for his age. He is popular among ladies of the high society and known as ‘Lord with Soft Charisma’. He is truly a nobleman and treat a lady with respect. 


Lucas is categorized into commoner in this manhwa, but the truth is different. He is far from commoners, and actually a very powerful wizard. He has ruby eyes, a beauty mark under his left eye, and jet black hair. He could change his appearance easily and usually appears at the same age as Athanasia. In some parties, the girls would think of him as handsome, with dreamy eyes and the aura of solitude. They also describe him as a solitary black wolf wandering in wilderness. 


Who Made Me A Princess

Felix Robane is the Emperor’s Royal Guard before appointed as Athanasia’s personal guard. Felix came from the duke household so he is one of the noblemen. He has crimson red hair and light grey eyes along with a tall and lean stature. He attracts many attention from the ladies. Felix is a calm and friendly individual. He’s also quite empathetic and respectful to others even though they didn’t have royal or noble title. As a Royal Guard, he holds a very important position in the kingdom. He is truly a perfect candidate of prince charming. 


Who Made Me A Princess

The fourth would be the Emperor, Claude de Alger Obelia. Appearance wise, he actually looks like the prince charming due to his gorgeous blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. But, personality wise, he is the opposite. He often wears a cold expression on his face (some girls prefer ‘cool guy’ like him), and only shows change of expression when he got angry or annoyed. His heart is like a fortress and it took some time for him to actually care about someone. But when he do care about someone, he can show you all that prince charming do exist. 

?Mr. Perfect?

Apart from those guys mentioned above, let’s imagine a bit about Mr. Perfect from Princess Athanasia’s point of view. The princess is an honest and kind hearted person. She is a beauty and a selfless person who could attract many men at a time. Considering their status, none of the above is quite a match for the princess. In my opinion, the closest person to prince charming would be Claude, but having a romantic relationship with him is impossible because he is her biological father. If only there’s a prince from a far, far away country, who came to propose her, that would be perfect. A prince with a golden heart and protective traits would be perfect for Princess Athanasia. They could get married and live happily ever after. 

Who Made Me A Princess

Thinking (or daydreaming) about this is so much fun. Have you ever thought who would you choose if you are Princess Athanasia? If you’re curious about this manhwa, you can always read Who Made Me A Princess manhwa in any manga-hosting websites online. Hope you could also find your prince charming and happy reading everyone. 

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