Tower Of God 481 Spoiler & Review

Today i will be talking about Tower Of God Chapter 481 Spoiler and Review. This Manhwa is one of the best series, with good storyline and minimum plothole. Tower of God also already get anime adaptation on April 2020. Hows this Chapter? Lets found out together !

Tower Of God Chapter 480 Recap

On Tower of God 480, Kallavan abandons his right arm and makes a new arm by his aura. Those make him even stronger and have a fair fight with White. In this chapter, White seems to dominate the fight with his sword and fast movement. The most anticipated is when Baam decides to absorb all his soul , what will happen?

Tower Of God 481 Spoiler and Review

Tower Of God 481 begins with Yama trying to evacuate the ship, but the minion says there are still people on the cage. The main thing we read in the past few chapters is about White V Kallavan. While the last chapter we might notice White is very dominating the fight until Kallavan abandons his right arm. But the fight is turn around on this chapter, White found out his stamina is starting to burn out. White wants to finish the fight as soon as possible. In the contrary, Kallavan as a tank has very good defense and stamina. Yet , he still concern about Baam as well. If the fight still continues, we don’t think White will win the fight.

About Baam, at least we found out something very interesting and make us think very much. Because on the scene, we know Baam imagines sword to be his weapon. In the end, we know Baam finally form a Bow as his weapon. Although its very cool bow, fans on many tower of god forum getting a lot of debate on this thing. What do you guys think ?

Where To Read Tower Of God Chapter 481 ?

You can read Tower of God Chapter 481 on many free online manga website. We know the biggest read manga online, mangarock is already dead. But if you search , there is many other platforms and scanlation website provide you the content.

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