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Tower Of God Chapter 482 : Release Date, Updates and more

In this post, we will be talking about Tower Of God Chapter 482. This week we have revealed Tower of God 481 review. Fans is getting very excited about the last Chapter, as it was very tense.

The good news is although we have covid 19, the series don’t have any delay release. You can read the next chapter next week.
Before going further, let’s recap Chapter 481.

Tower of God Chapter 481 Recap

White is getting tired because of lack of vigor and stamina, while Kallavan still have a lot of stamina. No surprise, Kallavan is a tank that have very good endurance. We are pretty sure if the fight is continue, Kallavan have a good chance to win the battle.

The ship is about to explode and tear in pieces, Yama try to evacuate and abandon the ship. But the minion says there are few people still stuck in the cage. The most exciting part about this chapter is Baam. Yes , Baam. After he consume all his soul inside, he imagine sword as his weapon like White has. Surprisingly he got a bow !

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Tower of God Chapter 482 Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 482 will be released on 10 May 2020. You can read tower of god on mangafast.

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