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Tower of God Chapter 483 : Release Date, Update and More

Today we will talk about Tower of God Chapter 483. However, before jump to the exciting prediction, let’s have a recap towards the previous chapter.

Tower of God Manhwa
Tower of God Manhwa

Recap Tower of God Chapter 482

In Chapter 482, Kel Hellam doubted the man which stood above the cliff was Lord Zahard, because he believes that Lord Zahard is actually in the present chambers. Zahard then challenged Kel Hellam to meet him and reveal the truth without even turning to Kel Hellam. After asking the troops regarding the flower garden, Kel Hellam was hesitated to attack Zahard since the previous incident was not on his vision. In result, the fight was a reckless one, and Lord Zahard easily defeated Kel Hellam. 

It seems like the flower garden has been caught by Lybolic who plans to put it into jail. Luchi finds out about Kel Hellam’s lose. Lybolic then tried to make Luchi to do all the Lybolic’s order. Then Lybolic reach out to Luchi a few years later, insisting that this is going to be the last task. Lybolic also states that if Luchi succeed on this task, Lybolic will liberate Luchi and all of the flower garden members as well. However, Luchi knows that it was just a lie.

On the other side, Kallavan said that bad things will happen, hence he told the officer to stop and to not exploding the ship. Kallavan then decides to block the entire attack. With the help of Dowon and Baam, Kallavan manages to pull out his full power. Baam also manages to succeed using his teleportation skill, while White looks kinda furious.

Tower of God Synopsis

The story of Tower of God evolve around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam who has spent almost his entire life trapped inside a mysterious tower with his friend Rachel as a company. Bam is looking for Rachel who got into the tower. He manages to open the door, climbs and faces a lot of challenges on each floor. Without him knowing, the path that he has chosen will eventually led him toward rivals, untrustworthy companions, competitors, and even monsters, which will make it hard for him to get out of there alive. 

Tower of God Chapter 483 Prediction

It looks like there would be a lot of things happening in the next chapter. Besides, it seems like the Battle of the First Wall will be ended during the 4th Corp’s defeat. The 4th Corps are almost wiped out. We will know whether Commander Yascia will arrive to prepare for the upcoming battle in the next chapter.

Tower of God Chapter 483 Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 483 RAW Korean version will be released next week on 17th May 2020 and the official English translation will be released several days after.  You can read Tower of God Chapter 483 on webtoon and other official websites. 

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