Tower of God 482

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 482 Spoiler out now

In this post, we are going to give you a review and spoiler for Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 482 which just release today. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, You can read the recap of Tower of God Chapter 481 below.

Tower of God Manhwa
Tower of God Manhwa

Recap Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 481

At Tower of God 481 Yama was seen worried about what had happened. Cage has a great possibility of exploding in a very wide range. It makes everyone to be immediately evacuated to launchpad. Finally Yama and his troops went leaving cage although there are still some people in the cage.

In other place Kallavan and White talked about Baam. White said that the Baam’s Majesty’s Soul Power will begin to shrink. His power may be back but not with the stamina he possesses.

Meanwhile, Yasracia and PB Lyboric K talked about a lyboric PB attempt that planned to create a new Fourth Army Corps from scratch. All that because of the Central Command’s desire. The current Fourth Army Corps was formed with Allied Commander Kallavan as a key member because they were already unfaithful to Lord Zahard. Currently they only adhere to Kallavan thus making the new corps a good decision.

Cha, Dowon, Kallavan and white are hostile about the action taken by Kallavan. Baam got an arch.

At the end of the Tower of God episode. Kel Hellam and his troops planned to attack the flying castle. They must ensure that Zahard is asleep without a guard. So they could attack before Zahard knew it. But shortly thereafter. One of the Hellam armies told him that there was someone standing above the cliff. That’s where Zahard introduced himself as a king.

Review and Spoiler Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 482

At the end of chapter 481 Tower of God. Zahard had introduced himself in the front of the Hellam that he was Lord Zahard. But the reaction of the Hellam was not shown. In Chapter 482, with arrows pointing to Zahard, Kel Hellam doubted that the man who stood above the cliff was Lord Zahard. Kel Hellam believed that Lord Zahard was at the present chambers. Without the slightest and turning of the body. Zahard challenged Kel Hellam to meet him and see the truth.

Kel Hellam who has since relied heavily on his vision asked his troops about where the flower garden went. He hesitated to attack Zahard because the current incident was not in his vision. They were reckless to fight against Lord Zahard and quickly Lord Zahard defeated Kel Hellam and all his fellow companions.

Luchi learns of the defeat of Kel Hellam. The Flower garden was apparently caught by Lybolic and his subordinates. Flower Garden will not be killed by Lybolic but they will be in jail forever. He told me that he had tried hard against, but he couldn’t do anything. Lybolic then interrupted his friend with the intention of making Luchi had to fulfill all the Lybolic order. A few years later Lybolic contacted him again saying that this was the last task that Lybolic gave to Luchi. If Luchi succeeds in this task then Lybolic will liberate him and the entire flower garden members. But Luchi knew it is just a lie. He regretted what he had done.  he wish he can go back times n joining his friends. Luchi gives something to Dowon.

Next, there was a Houndborn who reported to Lord Yama that the evacuation had succeeded. Although she felt a little calm now but they weren’t sure to escape The blast radius even after the evacuation. Yama took the initiative to block it, however. Houndborn proposed to him to be Yama fight the next wall, so if you release the dock, I’ll try and figure something out.

Outside the officer said that ship will soon be explode. Kallavan reading Bad thing will happen he told the officer to stop him. But he blocked the entire attack.  White looks furious. Kallavan, Dowon and Baam pulled out all his powers and Baam succeeded it with teleportation skill.

Looks like the Battle of the First Wall ends in the 4th Corp’s defeat. ? Most enemy combatants surviving. 4th Corps nearly wiped out. While Commander Yasracia will be arriving shortly, prepare for battle?

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If you want to read Tower of God Manhwa. I suggest you to read it on webtoon. But you can also read it on other websites that are quite update.

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