Tower of God Manhwa

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 483 Spoiler Out Now

In this post, we will be giving you a review of Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 483. We also provide the recap of the previous chapter below if you haven’t read it.

Tower of God Manhwa

Tower of God Chapter 482 Recap

It seems like the flower garden has been caught by Rybolic who plans to put it into jail. Luchi finds out about Kel Hellam’s loss. Rybolic then tried to make Luchi do all Rybolic’s orders. Rybolic then reaches out to Luchi a few years later, insisting that this is going to be the last task and states that if Luchi succeeds on this task, Rybolic will liberate Luchi and all of the flower garden members as well. However, Luchi knows that it was just a lie and feels regretful for everything and blows up the ship.

On the other side, Kallavan said that bad things will happen, hence he told the officer to stop and to not explode the ship. Kallavan then decides to block the entire attack. With the help of Dowon and Baam, Kallavan manages to pull out his full power. Baam also manages to succeed using his teleportation skill to bring everyone back and surprising everyone. Meanwhile, White looks kinda furious, and the first battle of the first wall ended in defeat for the 4th corps.

Tower of God Chapter 483 Review and Spoiler

The launcher was able to be saved after Bam managed to teleport the whole thing in the previous chapter. White asks whether the war should be continued or not, but Ari unexpectedly announces 4th army corps to surrender since their sides are abandoned and there’s no response from their army corps commander. Ari also said that it’s best for them to surrender because all the enemy’s high rankers are still alive and no reinforcements are coming for them. 

The Needle crew feels relieved with the surrender of the enemy. Kun and Bam are discussing Bam’s new power, and Kun admires how Bam could think of those who died in the battle. It looks like the dead souls were lending Bam their power because they knew Bam would put it to good use. Meanwhile Cha, Dowoon and the others recognize that Luchi blew up the 4th army corp’s ship and would like to get a revenge for Luchi.

The crew then discusses their next step about the next wall. Yama instruct to load the needle, but Kun feels unsure about it. However, Hwaryun think that if they wait any longer for the attack, it wouldn’t do them any good. Besides, the RoZA probably didn’t expect them to be able to break through the first wall, so it’s best for them to attack while they’re unprepared. They then decide to come through using a giant needle with some surprises to make the enemy focus on the fire. Will their plan run smoothly later on? 

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