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Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 484 Spoiler Out Now

Tower of God Manhwa has recently updated its newest chapter. Here we will give you a recap of the previous chapter and review of the newest chapter as well.

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 484

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 483 Recap

Bam finally managed to use the ability of teleportation, and he teleports the whole thing to save The launcher and surprises everyone. White asks whether the war should be continued or not, but Ari unexpectedly announces 4th army corps to surrender since their sides are abandoned and there’s no response from their army corps commander. Ari also said that it’s best for them to surrender because all the enemy’s high rankers are still alive and no reinforcements are coming for them. The enemy has surrendered, and the Needle crew feels relieved for that. Kun and Bam are discussing Bam’s new power, and Kun admires how Bam could think of those who died in the battle. It looks like the dead souls were lending Bam their power because they knew Bam would put it to a good use.

Meanwhile Cha, Dowoon and the others recognize that Luchi blew up the 4th army corps ship and would like to get revenge for Luchi. The crew then discusses their next step about the next wall. Yama instructs to load the needle, but Kun feels unsure about it. However, Hwaryun thinks that if they wait any longer for the attack, it wouldn’t do them any good. Besides, the RoZA probably didn’t expect them to be able to break through the first wall, so it’s best for them to attack while they’re unprepared. They then decide to come through using a giant needle with some surprises to make the enemy focus on the fire.

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 484 Review

Baam starts to do the magic things toward the wall. Then, there was a flashback scene where Mule found Augusgus’ files and he found out that Augusgus was actually a FUG all along. He felt betrayed and about to tell the administrator, but he failed to do so because Augusgus revealed his embezzled money for the chicken that he bought and brought up Mule’s past to threaten him as well. Besides, the reason why Augusgus kept Mule around was because he knew about Mule’s intention of getting revenge and helping evil forces. Meanwhile, Baam and the Houndborn are still in the hole made by the needle and they currently wait for the enemy fire cycles. 

Then there’s a flashback once again. Doom told Yama to give up on taking revenge against Yasracia because he was so powerful and he was a beast in his Lo Po Bia family. Meanwhile, Baam is questioning his team’s action to Kun about taking Kallavan and the 4th army corps to the next wall, but Kun ensures him that everything is going to be okay and that their main goal is to save Han Jisung.

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