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Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 485 Release Date, Update and More

Tower of God manhwa chapter 484 has been updated, and the chapter 485 will be released soon! Here we provide you the recap of the previous chapter to remind you about the plot.

tower of God manhwa

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 484 Recap

Baam is currently using his power to the wall, and it seems like the whole Baam’s team are going to precede the attack to the next wall right away. The huge needle finally breaks through the other side of the wall without breaking it, and the troops on the other side of the wall are preparing to attack, including Animas who prepare the Shinheuhs to attack. Then, there seems to be a flashback scene displaying Mile who is surprised with the appearance of FUG. He asked Augusgus about it, and he eventually found out that Augusgus himself is actually a part of FUG after he tracked Augusgus’ last trip using his floating ship. Mile was going to report him to the administrator, but Augusgus knew that Mile did misappropriation of funds and threatened him with it.

Besides, he also knows that Mile’s past actually filled with revenge to the FUG as well as despising Zahard’s army before he became a Ranker. Therefore, Mile has no other choice than to accept Augusgus’ offer to keep each other’s mouth shut about each other’s intention. Meanwhile, Baam’s group is still inside the hole made by the needle, but they are planning to wait until they find Yasurachya’s plan. After all, Yasurachya knows a lot about dogs and it will be dangerous to attack carelessly without any plan. Doom also told Yama to give up on his revenge plan to Yasurachya because he’s actually a powerful beast. 

Tower of God Chapter 485 Release Date

If you’d like to read Tower of God manhwa, you have to wait until early June for the newest chapter! In the meantime, please check our website regularly for the future update of the manhwa.

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