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Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 485 Release Date, Update and More

The newest chapter of Tower of God manhwa has been updated. Here we will be giving you some predictions for the next chapter and the summary of the previous chapter below.

tower of god manhwa

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 484 Recap

The previous chapter starts with Baam utilizing his magic trick to the wall. A flashback appears, showing the conversation between Augusgus and Mile. Mile recently found Augusgus’ report, and apparently he found out that Augusgus was actually a FUG all this time. Mile planned to tell the administrator about it, but Augusgus threatened him about how Mile has done embezzlement for chicken. Augusgus also threatened Mile using his past since he became a Ranker after doing some dirty work out there and his old plan to help the evil forces for revenge. It seems that they both reached a conclusion by keeping each other secrets and Augusgus paid an amount of money to Mile. 

On the other hand, Baam and his companions are still waiting for the enemy fire cycles to find the right time to attack. In the next scene, there was another flashback about Doom who told Yama to give up on taking revenge against Yasracia. Yasracia is just too powerful and cannot be beaten because he was a beast in his Lo Po Bia family. Yasracia may appear harmless to his family but inside, he’s actually a beast. Meanwhile, Baam doubted his team’s action about taking Kallavan and the 4th army corps to the next wall, but Kun ensures that everything is going to be okay and that their main goal is to save Han Jisung.

Tower of God Manhwa Synopsis

This manhwa tells the story of a boy called Twenty-Fifth Baam. Bam has spent almost his whole life inside a mysterious tower and trapped inside it. He is determined to look for his friend, Rachel, who was trapped inside the tower earlier. Bam is able to face a lot of challenges and manages to pass through each floor by passing through the challenges. Unknowingly to him, he has chosen the path that will make him encounter his rival, competitors, betrayal from his own companion, and even monsters. The more he gets involved, the harder it is for him to get out from the tower alive. Will he be able to find his friend Rachel and get out of the tower?

Tower of God Chapter 485 Prediction

The next scene most likely tells about the further action of Baam and his companion. Will their plan run successfully? Besides, fighting already started on the other side of the wall, and Baam’s companion still cannot figure out Yasracia’s plan since he knows too much about the Houndborn.

Tower of God Chapter 485 Release Date

Tower of God manhwa releases new chapter every week. The latest update of chapter 484 was on May 26th, and the next update will most likely be in early June. Make sure to read Tower of God Manhwa from webtoon or other reliable sources.

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