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Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 485 Spoiler Out Now

The new chapter of Tower of God Manhwa chapter 485 is out now! Today, we will review the chapter, and also give you guys a recap for the previous chapter.

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 484 Recap

Bam eventually manages to use the teleportation capability, and teleports the whole thing to save The Launcher and surprises everyone. White asks whether or not the war should be continued, but Ari unpredictably proclaims the surrender of the 4th Army Corps as their sides are deserted and there is no response from their commander of the Army Corps. Ari also said that it’s safest for them to surrender, because all the enemy ‘s top rankers are still alive, and no reinforcements are coming for them. The enemy agreed to surrender, and the crew of the Needle felt relieved. Kun and Bam are talking about Bam’s new power, and Kun admires how Bam could think of those who died in battle. It looks like the dead souls lent Bam their power because they knew Bam was going to make good use of it.

In the meantime, Cha, Dowoon and the others recognize that Luchi had blown up the 4th Army Corps ship and wanted to take revenge on Luchi. The crew then discusses their next step on the next wall. Yama instructs the needle to be loaded, but Kun feels unsure about it. But Hwaryun thinks that if they were to wait any longer for the attack, it wouldn’t do them any good. Besides, the RoZA probably wasn’t expecting them to be able to break through the first wall, so it’s best for them to attack while they’re unprepared.

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 485 Review

The chapter starts with a flashback, Kallavan was talking to Karaka and Baam about how they’re gonna work together going to the next wall. Karaka argues the can’t afford fighting Kallavan now, so they made a deal. Then, Maschenny, Lybolic, and Yasracia are talking about the change of power. Maschenny demands responsibility from Lybolic because the 4Th Army Corps has fallen. But, Lybolic argues it wasn’t a mistake, the new 4th Crops are standing by.

Yasracia has created a game to fight the opponents. On the Second Wall front, Mule Love is struggling fighting a High Ranker. Sola and Namo attack Fuschille, but Fuschille blocks it. After the end of the flash back, Kallavan is seen standing with the enemy, but he says he just wants the title of Corps Commander back. Yasracia then announces something and her little game commences.

Where to Read Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 485

If you guys would like to read Tower of God Manhwa, you guys can read it via webtoon or other reliable sites online. Stay tuned to our website for the upcoming spoilers!

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