tower of god manhwa

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 486 Release Date, Update and More

Here’s news for you guys. Tower of God Manhwa chapter 486 will be released soon! Today, we’re going to give you a recap of the previous chapter, to freshen your memory about the story. We will also provide you the approximate date of the release, so keep reading!

tower of god manhwa

Tower of God Chapter 485 Recap

The chapter begins with a flashback, Kallavan talked to Karaka and Baam about how they’re going to work together on the next wall. Karaka argues that they can’t afford to fight Kallavan right now, so they made a deal. Then Maschenny, Lybolic, and Yasracia are talking about a change in power. Maschenny demands the responsibility of Lybolic because the 4th Army Corps has fallen. But, Lybolic argues that it wasn’t a mistake, the new 4th Crops are standing by. Yasracia has set up a game to fight the opponents. On the Second Wall Front, Mule Love is struggling to fight the High Ranker. Sola and Namo are attacking Fuschille, but Fuschille is blocking the attack. After the end of the flashback, Kallavan is seen standing with the enemy, but he tries to say he just desires the title of Corps Commander back. Then Yasracia declares something, and her little game begins.

Tower of God Synopsis

The story of Tower of God revolves around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam who has spent almost his entire life trapped inside a mysterious tower with his friend Rachel as a company. Bam is looking for Rachel who got into the tower. He manages to open the door, climbs and faces a lot of challenges on each floor. Without him knowing, the path that he has chosen will eventually lead him toward rivals, untrustworthy companions, competitors, and even monsters, which will make it hard for him to get out of there alive.

Tower of God Manhwa Chapter 486 Prediction

The last chapter ended with Yasracia’s little game commencing. So, it is very likely that in chapter 486 we will see how Yasracia’s game will play out. We will see how Yasracia divide people to fight against each other. Who is going to win? How will the battles play out? We shall see in the next chapter!

Tower of God Chapter 486 Release Date

If you want to read Tower of God Manhwa, the chapters are released weekly. The latest chapter, chapter 484, was released on May 26th. Since chapter 485 hasn’t been released yet, we will probably be able to read chapter 486 in at least a week. So stay tuned!

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