Who Made Me A Princess Manhwa Chapter 77 Release Date

Hey, guys, I’ve some news for you. We are going to discuss about Who Made Me A Princess manhwa Chapter 77, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

Who Made Me A Princess Manhwa Chapter 77

Who Made Me A Princess Manhwa Chapter 76 Recap

Jeanette took the bracelet from her drawer. The princess told her that her wish would come true if she wore it in her arm. Jeanette was so happy remembering how the King and the princess were so kind to her. She can’t wait for them to be family. In the palace, princess Athanasia ask Lily and Felix about what it felt to be liked by someone. Felix told her that some would make frequent eye contact while the others would just stare from afar. Lily told her that she often receive gifts and letters also asked for a dance at parties. Listening to both, Athanasia still doesn’t know what to do in her situation. She decided to leave the matter be since she should focus on getting her father’s memories back. Athanasia asked her father to accompany her and take a walk near the lake. He agreed and made an appointment for tomorrow.

Who Made Me A Princess Manhwa Synopsis

Beautiful princess, Athanasia, was killed in the hand of her own biological father, Claude de Alger Obelia, the cold blooded emperor. Never imagining it, an ordinary woman suddenly finds herself becoming that unfortunate princess. She had to think of ways to escape her fate. What will she do? Living a quiet life and being unnoticed by his father, raise enough money to escape from the palace or sweet talk her way into her father’s good graces?

Who Made Me A Princess Manhwa Chapter 77 Release Date

Who Made Me A Princess manhwa is released weekly, and the latest chapter was published in June 20th. The next chapter would probably out by next week. If you want to read Who Made Me A Princess manhwa, make sure you check our website for further information regarding the story!

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